3sixteen - ST120x Slim Tapered Shadow Selvedge

ST120x is a slim fit with a taper from the thigh to the knee with a small leg opening.

14.5 oz raw selvedge Shadow denim, which consists of indigo warp and black weft threads.

Will fade to a high contrast blue with wear.

Denim is woven exclusively for 3sixteen by Kuroki Mill in Okayama, Japan.  

Crafted in the USA

  • 14.5 oz raw Shadow selvedge denim woven in Okayama, Japan
  • Custom gunmetal shanks and rivets
  • Selvedge fly and coin pocket detailing
  • Heavyweight leather patch by Tanner Goods
  • Slim Fit
  • Sanforized

Note this denim is sanforized (pre-shrunk)  Therefore no need to size up or down.  When washed denim will shrink, but after a couple of wears will stretch back to normal size

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